Bringing a whole new meaning to the term chiroquacktic

Well, I’m here at TAM. I had a great time last night meeting up with old friends, although, thanks to the time difference between Eastern time and Las Vegas, combined with my having to give a talk today, I was forced to retire at an early 11 AM (which, of course, felt to me like 2 AM).

As you might imagine, blogging will be light, because I still have to put the finishing touches on my talk for Saturday and take in all the skeptic-y goodness at TAM, but I can’t resist this little tidbit. It’s a video I came across the other day that brings a whole new meaning to the term “chiroquacktic.” Normally, that’s just a disparaging word we like to use when describing chiropractic, but little did I know that there was actually a literal meaning to the word. Check it out as our fine quacky friend gets a taste of some, well, quackery:

What a skilled quacktitioner!

I wonder how one diagnoses subluxations in a duck. I also wonder whether what is portrayed in the video above constitutes duck abuse. I can just see Daffy’s face. In any case, this demonstration of chiroquacktic is brought to us apparently courtesy of the Fox Valley Wildlife Center in Illinois, which appears to have painfully low scientific standards when it comes to the care it offers the wildlife it shelters, one wonders. We should also thank the Vitality Chiropractic Center for the entertainment.