Sometimes the mainstream press actually gets it (mostly) right about vaccines

Sometimes, the mainstream press gets it (mostly) right, and Jake Tapper actually got it right in a report on CNN yesterday about Jenny McCarthy’s having been hired by ABC as a regular on The View. Although I don’t like how Jake Tapper describes Generation Rescue as an “autism organization” (it is clearly an antivaccine group), and he perhaps didn’t rebut Jenny’s ludicrous claim that she is “not antivaccine” but rather “pro-safe vaccine” (seriously, he showed McCarthy’s 2008 antivaccine protest in Washington and didn’t even pick the most inflammatory signs as a counterpoint to McCarthy’s disingenuous denials), he got it far more right than wrong. Yes, I can quibble about his not strongly enough rebutting McCarthy’s deluded self-view as somehow not being “antivaccine,” but this is probably about as good as it gets in a mainstream press report: Minimal false balance and a clear message that McCarthy is a dangerous crank more than just someone who holds “controversial” views.

Here’s the report. It’s 3 minutes long and well worth watching: