Bleach Enema Karaoke

Long day in the OR yesterday. By the time I got home, believe it or not, I was too beat to deliver one of my characteristic rants full of Insolence and science that my readers all know and love (well, mostly love). Consequently, today’s a perfect day for a quickie. (No, not that kind of quickie; get your minds out of the gutter!) I’m referring to an observation that a reader sent in the other day about the upcoming yearly autism “biomed” quackfest known as Autism One. It’s a little ditty I’d like to call Bleach Enema Karaoke:

It’s Kalcker’s Kerrioke Lounge hosted by the CD Community at AutismOne 2014!!! The popular Dr. Andreas Kalcker is on hand for a second year of presentations with Kerri Rivera, and the CD Community is hosting a relaxing place to swap STORIES and PICTURES and FUN – OH MY! Come learn from each other and Kalcker and Kerri in this multi-day meetup spot about many modalities that have brought a multitude of children moving forward on the road of recovery. So grab a java and a gummy worm, take a seat, and chill out and breathe!

The “CD” in “CD Community” stands for chlorine dioxide, which is a bleach. That’s a big part of the reason why I call this Bleach Enema Karaoke, of course, because of the involvement of one of the most notorious autism biomed quacks of all time, Kerri Rivera, whose “treatment” for autism involves giving the autistic children she is treating enemas consisting of “Miracle Mineral Solution” (MMS), otherwise known as bleach. She first appeared at this very same quackfest in 2012 and apparently has become a regular fixture, as she spoke at the 2013 Autism One quackfest as well and is slated to appear this year, along with Andreas Kalcker, who is a fellow MMS aficionado who takes umbrage whenever anyone criticizes MMS as the quackery it is. I had never heard of him before, as Jim Humble was the MMS promoter about whom I had heard the most, but apparently he’s produced a series of videos on YouTube promoting MMS. I might have to check them out.

In the meantime, I can’t wait to find out what kind of “stories” and “pictures” will be swapped for fun with Kalcker and Rivera. On second thought, maybe I can wait. Or maybe I’ll pass.

Oh, what fun our old friend the Boy Wonder, Jake Crosby, will be having in May. It turns out that he’s a keynote speaker at the quackfest on the “advocacy” track. Nice to see he’s aligning himself more than ever with quackery. No wonder it looks as though this year, for the first year since since she became the president of Generation Rescue, Jenny McCarthy won’t be the keynote speaker at the Autism One quackfest. It appears that she will not be attending this year. Maybe her gig on The View has finally made her realize that associating with quacks like Kalcker and Rivera is not good for her career.