The “I need a day off from blogging” blog post

The title says it all. I was too beat last night after a hard day in the OR to get the Tarial cells fired up to produce a daily dose of the Insolence you all know and love (or, if you’re an antivaccinationist or quack, hate). It happens occasionally, but, fortunately for the universe. not too often. So I guess it means it’s open thread time. Oh, and there have been somethings happening that I’ve meant to comment on but somehow haven’t gotten around to, which means I’m probably good for posts for the next few days, but if you think you can catch my attention with something else and knock some of those other ideas and happenings back down lower on my blogging priority list, have at it!

Yeah, Orac felt a bit like that last night. Even the Olympics couldn’t keep him awake.