A little shameless self-promotion of an interview about Stanislaw Burzynski—with blinky lights

A couple of days ago, I got so carried away writing a response in the comments about David Lauser, Sammy Hagar’s drummer and husband of a woman named Liza Cozad, who is being used as a tool to pressure the FDA to allow more single patient INDs (also sometimes called compassionate use exemptions) for Stanislaw Burzynski’s antineoplastons (ANPs). Sadly, despite decades of failures and recent efforts to expose those failures, I still see credulous stories about Burzynski like this one, in which the reporter completely misses the point.

That’s why, in these days when credulous reporters still, in essence, do Burzynski’s bidding with respect to the message he wants to get out, while Burzynski takes advantage of the desperation of patients with incurable cancers, every little bit helps to counter that message helps. Hopefully that’s what’s been done when a certain individual who’s very close to me was interviewed by Lindsay Beyerstein for Point of Inquiry. The interview, of couse, has the Orac stamp of approval; so please check it out.