Dr. Frank Arguello doesn’t much like science-based criticism of his atavistic chemotherapy

As I happened to be out last night at a function for my department, I didn’t have the time necessary to lay out a 2,000 word bit of Insolence. I did, however, have time to note that yet another practitioner unhappy with being criticized over his scientifically questionable treatment, in this case, Dr. Frank Arguello, has expressed grave, grave unhappiness with science-based criticism over his atavistic chemotherapy, so much so that he’s threatening to sue over it even though he really has no case. In fact, this guy is a bit more—shall we say?—over the top than the average subject of criticism, which is why his e-mails are more entertaining than the usual vacuous legal threats. So, until tomorrow, if you haven’t seen this already, take a gander at Dr. Frank Arguello’s response to science-based criticism. I realize that, given the overlap in readership between the two blogs, a lot of you have already seen this, but I’m also guessing that a lot of you haven’t. If you haven’t, you should. If you already have, note that additional responses from Dr. Arguello have been added to the post since Monday.

Until tomorrow, enjoy.