The annals of “I’m not anti-vaccine,” part 12: What’s the worst vaccine analogy you’ve heard from antivaccinationists?

Orac is feeling a little under the weather. I appear to have caught some respiratory crud that’s going around, which, fortunately, isn’t so bad that I can’t go to work, particularly given that today is a lab/office day, but unfortunately made me feel too tired last night to create one of my usual peerless examples of insolent blogging. So this post will be a followup to yesterday’s post and a lead-in to a question I want to pose to you, my readers. Let’s make things a bit interactive.

First the followup. As you might recall, yesterday, I found an example that helps to illustrate why most antivaccine activists, their protestations of not being antivaccine but rather pro-safe vaccine notwithstanding, are really antivaccine. It came in the form of a woman named Marcella Piper-Terry likening vaccination to rape. It was a truly despicable metaphor, but it shows just how much antivaccine activists are, well, antivaccine. As I mentioned yesterday, they have to liken vaccination to the Holocaust. To them, vaccination is the Oklahoma City bombing. It’s Auschwitz (complete with Dr. Josef Mengele’s horrific medical experiments), before which antivaccinationists view themselves as much victims as Jews in Germany during the Nazi regime. It’s Stalin. It’s the Tuskegee syphilis experiment. It’s a tsunami washing away everything before it.

Despite the criticism, our “friend” Piper-Terry is holding fast to her analogy:

Yes, her critics are all “trolls,” and the purpose of her original post was to make people “uncomfortable,” while retreating to the claim that, if you haven’t suffered sexual assault yourself, your comment on the analogy has no validity in the comments of her post:

Marcella September 29, 2014 at 10:07 pm

I compared a situation of what many would call “date rape” with coerced vaccination.

Many parents of vaccine-injured children have reported feeling this kind of reaction.

If you haven’t lived it, you cannot say how it feels.

And, later on:

This post is not denigrating the pain of anyone who has been raped, it is bringing attention to the pain of parents whose children have been seriously harmed or killed by vaccination.

Thanks to the laws protecting doctors, nurses and vaccine-manufacturers from ANY liability or responsibility when their products and actions kill and maim, the denial of vaccine-injury and vaccine-related death is government-sanctioned.

Parents who have lost children to vaccination against childhood illnesses that were not big killers in this country are marginalized and abused by their doctors and by people like you, who continue to ridicule and promote the 100% coverage, even though it is clear that children die every day from forced vaccination and a one-size-fits-all vaccine program.

It is YOU who should be deeply ashamed for promoting the mantra that our children, those who are part of the susceptible group more vulnerable to vaccine-injury, are somehow less important, and are “acceptable collateral damage” in the war on things like chickenpox and measles.

Of course, this rant is as disconnected from reality as Piper-Terry’s analogy. It is not “clear” that children die every day from forced vaccination. Rather, it is clear that children rarely, if ever, die from “forced vaccination.” In contrast, children around the world children die every day of vaccine-preventable diseases. If we were to adopt Piper-Terry’s hatred of vaccines, we would risk becoming more like Third World country.

Piper-Terry’s delusions aside, this whole incident got me to thinking (and here’s where the question I mentioned comes in). Given the horrific analogies antivaccinationists make about vaccination and autism, I was curious: What’s the worst one you’ve ever heard? What’s the most over-the-top, inappropriate, vile, despicable, or just out of touch with reality analogy about vaccines?

I want links, too!