Antivaccine wingnuts, stay away from my Halloween Kit Kats and Reese's!

Grant deadline today, which means I didn’t have time to produce yet another scintillating epic for my not-so-super-secret other blog. I did, however, have time to take note of a highly annoying thing on Facebook that was brought to my attention last night and is worth a brief mention here, so that the blog doesn’t go without a post today.

The National Vaccine Information Center, founded and run by Barbara Loe Fisher, is about as antivaccine as they come. It’s also pretty blatant about spreading misinformation about vaccines hither, thither, and yon, disguised as “vaccine safety” public service announcements. Examples include pseudo-PSAs shown at AMC Theaters, inserted into the in-flight entertainment system of Delta Airlines, and blasted out at a Times Square JumboTron.

So what is Barbara Loe Fisher up to this time? Well, mosey on over to the NVIC Facebook page and find out:

Here’s a screen shot in case the NVIC deletes its post:


Yes, someone thought up the brilliant idea of making up labels to paste on Halloween candy advertising the NVIC website, which, as I’ve pointed out many times before, is chock full of antivaccine misinformation and fear mongering, and the NVIC is totally on board with encouraging its sycophants, toadies, and lackeys to paste this sticker on candy given to children. I recommend that pro-vaccine parents out there keep an eye out for such labels when trick or treating with their children. If you see parents giving out candy defaced with these labels, be sure to return them with extreme prejudice, making it very clear why you are refusing the candy.