Last night I had an evening meeting for a CQI (continuous quality initiative) collaborative that I’m heavily involved in; so I didn’t get home until late. Unfortunately, that means I didn’t have the time to dish out the usual insolence for today. Fortunately, I do have a video lying around that made me chuckle and is relevant to skepticism and critical thinking. Even though JP Sears does appear to be a real holistic life coach of some sort promoting “healing” and a bit woo-ey, I have to admit, this video of his, at least, amused me greatly.

Hmmm. Am I getting squishy that I find a guy like this not so bad? Well, anyone who uses the word “carnivorosity” can’t be all bad?

I’ll be back tomorrow. There’s lots to choose from for topics, including a particularly target-rich blog that I simply must get around to sometime soon, the heads-up given by my good buddy Mark Crislip.