In which Orac co-authors a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine

Unfortunately, this happens to be a day when I didn’t really have much time to blog, as I had to go to an evening meeting last night related to my work. Fortunately, this corresponds with a most excellent day, a first in my life. Basically, I’m coauthor on a Perspective article published in today’s New England Journal of Medicine on trends in metastatic disease in breast cancer and prostate cancer. Even better, it’s not behind a paywall (at least for now); so you—yes, you!—can read it. It’s also written at a level that I think a lot of our readers will enjoy it, although the strict word limits for NEJM Perspective articles guarantee that it isn’t as long as a typical Orac reading experience.

So, go and read it. I don’t know how long it’ll be available for free. Then tell me what you think.

Until tomorrow…