Predatory open access journals and a crank mutual admiration society

I know I really shouldn’t peruse too often. It’s bad for my blood pressure, and, like many old farts on the wrong side of 50, I do have a touch of the ol’ hypertension. Reading Mike Adams’ blather risks raising that blood pressure either through causing me to laugh uproariously at the sheer idiocy of what he writes or by making me angry at just how despicable he can be at times. Still, I looked, and I saw something I almost wish I hadn’t seen. However, that something that I saw illustrates a point about the dark side of open access journals; so I thought it was worth discussing today. After all, Ben Swann’s long promised report on the “CDC whistleblower” isn’t due out until tomorrow, and I needed some hilarious crankitude to fill my blogging time until tomorrow night’s festivities, which should be amusing indeed. (Yes, I’m directly comparing Swann to Adams.)

Adams just loves a certain paper published in a certain open access journal:

A hugely important paper has just been published in the Epidemiology: Open Access science journal. It is authored by Kevin Mugur Galalae, Founder and Director of the Center of Global Consciousness in Ontario.

In it, Galalae correctly points out that the entire medical-agricultural complex as it exists today is intentionally engineered to deliberately reduce human population. Overpopulation of the planet is a very real and very serious problem, he believes, but the current strategy of world governments to reduce human population via covert infertility, immune suppression and “death by medicine” is unethical and insufficient to achieve the desired level of depopulation.

His paper is published at this link.

So it is. The paper is entitled The Subversion of Medicine and Public Health by International Security Prerogatives, and if you want a better example of why OMICS Group “open access” journals are predatory “pay to publish” journals, look no further than this little gem of a paper. It reads like Gary Null crossed with the demon offspring of Alex Jones and Sarah Palin as translated by Mike Adams. It’s got everything: Antivaccinationism of the variety claiming vaccines are a plot to depopulate the world, anti-pharma, anti-GMO, anti-science. No wonder Adams loves Galalae’s article so much. Rarely have I found a paper that has no scientifically redeeming features whatsoever, whose sole value consists of entertainment and serving as an example of how not to write science. Heck, when I first read it, I was convinced that it had to be a Sokal-type hoax, but apparently not.

First of all, who is the author of this article, Kevin Mugur Galalae? I had never heard of him; so I did what I need to do. I Googled him. It didn’t take long to figure out that he’s a crank on the level of Alex Jones or Mike Adams himself. I do like the titles of some of his publications, though:

Perusing these publications, my first thought was: How is it that I’ve never heard of this guy before? In particular, I love his publication WE ARE SCREWED. So concise, so to the point. At first I thought he must be talking about the choice of having Donald Trump or Ted Cruz as the Republican nominee and possible President, but no. It’s a conspiracy-laden rant. Oh, well. So is The Subversion of Medicine and Public Health by International Security Prerogatives, which—surprise! surprise—Galalae had already published online. No self-respecting journal would publish something that isn’t new, something that’s just a paper that’s been published in whole on a website before; obviously Epidemiology: Open Access is not a self-respecting journal. Certainly, there is copious evidence that OMICS Group journals fit that description.

But back to Galalae’s publication that Adams liked so much. The first thing I was interested in was exactly what sort of methodology he used to develop his hypothesis, investigate and test it, and come to conclusions. Sadly, it doesn’t take long to find:

The publication of this article, which contains forbidden fruit, is preceded by five years of struggle against the multiple walls of deception, dishonesty and oppression erected by colluding governments to preserve an international order that keeps peace between nations by committing genocide within nations.

Having challenged the matrix of control that the covert depopulation and overt globalization axis represents, the authorities have imprisoned me seven times, have kept me nearly one year behind bars, have forcibly separated me from my wife and children for more than four years now, have destroyed my career and economic wellbeing, have deprived me of every material possession I have ever had, and have forced me to go to extraordinary and unprecedented lengths to defend my credibility and freedom. As a result, I have suffered five hunger strikes, the longest of which lasted 75 days, have crossed international borders clandestinely to avoid arrest, have lived in exile for nearly two years, and have survived without an income for more than three years.

In light of the fact that over the past seven decades countless people and several heads of state have been assassinated to keep the objectives of the international order secret and countless more have had their lives destroyed, I can only consider myself lucky to be alive and privileged to be allowed to speak.

The fact that my research is finally being published in this medical journal indicates that a political decision was made at the highest level of global governance to facilitate a change of direction towards a new geopolitical accommodation that is no longer secret and may in fact follow the prescriptions I briefly outline in this article.

It’s apparently true. Galalae did apparently undertake a hunger strike at the Vatican in order to “to compel Pope Francis to speak up with respect to covert population control methods in use since 1945.” That didn’t work out so well. I am, however, impressed at the massiveness of Galalae’s ego. He wrote the above paragraphs in all seriousness. The fact that his research is finally being published in a medical journal means that “They” are taking him seriously? Not so much. More like Galalae had the cash that the OMICS Group requires; so Galalae was “allowed” to publish in a bottom-feeding predatory journal. One rather suspects that Galalae’s financial distress over the years has little to do with any government or vast “New World Order”-style conspiracy keeping him down and more to do with his own behavior. That’s just my guess.

Galalae’s methods section similarly amuses me:

By casting the widest spatiotemporal net possible so as to encompass seven decades of history and policy and the entire community of nations, and by using a multidisciplinary approach that collates the complex, nonlinear and mostly unquantifiable interactions of political, geopolitical, statistical, demographic, medical, pharmaceutical, ethical, theological, chemical, environmental, economic and military factors, it has been possible to identify the anthropogenic causes of chronic illnesses and their ultimate source and to outline a course of action for an effective disease prevention program that will confine non-communicable diseases to history and will restore not only our individual but also our social health.

This is, of course, ostensibly a journal of epidemiology, but these sure don’t sound like epidemiology methods or this paper like an epidemiology study. Rather, it’s more like a polemic. Actually, it’s more like word salad. It’s fairly impressive word salad, which is why it caught my attention enough to blog about it after I saw Mike Adams exulting over it.

The funny thing is that Galalae actually believes in depopulation. He states that global conflict and war are inevitable unless the human population is radically reduced. He just doesn’t like the way it’s being done, or at least the way he thinks it’s being done. He thinks the population is being eliminated through an effort that’s been going on since 1945 and that the “cause of causes” for non-communicable chronic diseases is this very conspiracy of population control. Of course, if there really is a conspiracy to depopulate the planet, it has to be the most incompetent conspiracy ever. After all, the world population in 1945 was less than 2.5 billion. (I looked it up.) It’s now over 7 billion. That’s nearly a three-fold increase in only 70 years. Whenever I hear claims of a radical depopulation plan bandied about by various cranks, I can’t help but remember those numbers.

That being said, Galalae doesn’t disagree with the idea of depopulation. He thinks that the world will be destroyed by global war sparked by competition for increasingly inadequate resources if significant depopulation doesn’t occur. Rather:

Let me state clearly and unequivocally that the objective of stabilizing the global population and bringing it down to a sustainable level is non-negotiable. Therefore, what we must do is not challenge population control, but force a change in the methods by which it has been pursued since 1945.

In other words the chronic, sub-lethal poisoning of the global populace with endocrine disruptors and other chemical and biological means must stop while population control must continue, but it must continue by safe contraceptive methods, the only methods being barrier methods and surgical sterilizations, which can only be used if people assume responsibility for population control from governments so that governments no longer have to poison us into infertility and ill-health in secret through the basic elements of life for the sake of safeguarding international peace.

Not surprisingly, Galalae views vaccines and pharmaceuticals as part of this plot. He thinks that the HIV pandemic and Ebola epidemics have been part of this effort, “man-made” diseases designed with the goal of depopulation. Chemicals and GMOs are “designed to weaken and confuse the autoimmune response of billions in preparation for naturally occurring pathogens or man-made pandemics that will be engineered when and if the UN and its agencies, aided by the military-industrial complex, decide to implement final solutions to prevent select regions of the world from losing control of society and to aid backward countries in reaching their socio-economic goals.” Most amazingly, Galalae wants the world to switch from all these “covert” methods of depopulation (never mind, for the moment, that there is no such conspiracy) to overt methods, whatever those might be.

Not surprisingly, as much as he likes Galalae’s description of the “problem,” Adams isn’t so thrilled with his conclusion regarding the solution, which Adams views as an “Agenda 21-style global government that forces people to obey whatever world directives on depopulation are desired by the globalists.” In other words, Galalae’s crankery leads him to propose replacing one conspiracy with the one-world government that conspiracy theorists like him usually fear more than anything.

To Adams, it all doesn’t matter anyway:

Besides, overpopulation likely won’t be a problem for much longer…

Humanity is going to destroy itself anyway

It is my view that humanity is going to unleash its own global killer event within the next 50 years — something that’s likely to reduce the global population by 50% or more.

What are these potential events? I’ve covered them extensively here on Natural News, and recently Stephen Hawking echoes some of my predictions from 2012. See my article S.O.S. alert: Help STOP Out-of-control Science from destroying us all.


So my answer to Galalae is that we don’t need a global government to depopulate the planet because arrogant, egoistic humans are going to wipe themselves out all on their own.

Maybe so, although from my view probably not. Certainly, if human beings wipe themselves out it won’t be because of big pharma or GMOs or even chemicals. It used to be that global thermonuclear war was the most likely means by which human beings would wipe themselves out, and although it’s still possible that could happen it’s far more likely that the consequences of anthropogenic climate change would do it, but even that’s by no means anywhere near a sure thing. Climate change will likely cause severe disruption and suffering, but I’ve always doubted the apocalyptic warnings that it would eliminate humans from the planet. That’s because we human beings are quite clever. We adapt. It would be a lot harder to wipe us out than Adams thinks.

But I sure do find his apocalyptic warnings of global human extinction amusing.