In which Orac struts his stuff elsewhere…

Believe it or not, I’ve had two weekends off, which is why there won’t be a full post today. Basically, what happened is that I’m an idiot. I took a long weekend last weekend, worked a couple of days last week, and then took a three day weekend at a cottage near a lake this weekend with my family. (Yes, believe it or not, I have a family, complete with a couple of incredibly cute nephews whom I love and who amuse the hell out of me, given that they are six and two years old.) I should have just taken the entire week off, but I had agreed to attend a Komen function on Wednesday night and things have been slow enough in my practice that I didn’t want to miss my Thursday clinic. Ah, well, stupidity won out last week, and now I’m beat even though I did go away for two weekends. Such is life. Maybe next year, I’ll have learned from this year.

The result is that I don’t have a post for Monday on this blog. Fortunately, I did manage to find time for a couple of podcasts. First, I was honored to be a guest rogue on the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe last week, even in spite of my USB headset having died, a death I only discovered just before going on the air with Steve Novella and crew. Fortunately, we managed to find a solution, and I had a hell of a good time as the guest rogue in The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe. Check it out, if you haven’t already, and comment below.

Also, I did The Prism Podcast, discussing the difference between evidence-based medicine and science-based medicine. Check it out and enjoy (hopefully).

I also did the Point of Inquiry podcast on Friday, but it’s not yet posted online. It will be soon.

Orac will definitely be back tomorrow with the usual Insolence.