The marriage of creationism and antivaccinationism—literally

Believe it or not (and you probably won’t believe it), but I never intended to post today, as it’s a holiday, and I had to write my usual level post for my not-so-super-secret other blog. But then one of you had to send me this:

I couldn’t resist at least a quick comment on this.

That’s right. Kent Hovind, one of the world’s most famous young earth creationists and frauds (given that he went to jail for tax evasion) is marrying Marry Tocco, Michigan’s own most annoying antivaccinationist and someone about whom I’ve written several times, most recently in 2014. In the video, he goes on about how his wife and his imprisonment drove his wife away and how he blames the government for breaking up their marriage.

Of course, this is yet another example of crank magnetism. After all, Hovind is known to be antivaccine. (He even points out how he knew Tocco from her antivaccine activities and praises her work.) For example, he’s posted videos on the “dangers” of vaccines and a multipart video about how earth is being depopulated through vaccines and chemtrails.

Truly, this is a match made in crank heaven. I also can’t help but wonder if this isn’t an astoundingly savvy move to seize an opportunity for Hovind and Tocco to combine their business interests and peddle creationism pseudoscience and antivaccine quackery to the masses.