On a (hopefully) brief temporary involuntary blog break

In case anyone’s interested, the reason that there was no post today is because we had a rather massive windstorm here in the Detroit area that left 800,000 without power. Unfortunately, that number included my wife and me. I valiantly tried to take care of my blogging addiction last night, as the temperature in the house plunged to the 50s. With nothing but residual battery on my laptop and mobile hotspot from my phone I ended up giving up in order to save battery charge, particularly on the phone. Given that the power is still out and I’ll be surprised if we get it back before tomorrow or Saturday, I can’t predict whether I’ll have a post tomorrow. Worst case scenario, I’ll post a rerun from the vault that you can chew on or bang out a quick post someplace where there’s heat and wifi (which we’ll have if the cold forces us to stay in a motel tonight). I definitely should be back by Monday. I think.

It takes a lot to stop Orac from applying Insolence to pseudoscience and quackery. One of the biggest windstorms in his lifetime finally did it. (No jokes about wind.)