Leaving on a jet plane…I do know when I’ll be back again

By the time you read this, I will have arrived at an undisclosed location somewhere in Europe. My 25th wedding anniversary is today, and to celebrate my wife and I planned a nearly two-week vacation flitting about Europe. I won’t announce where exactly, given that I’ve irritated a couple of European cranks in recent months, but those of you who are Facebook friends or who follow me on Twitter will likely soon see mentions and/or photos of where we’re vacationing.

As this day approached, I contemplated what to do with the blog. I thought about just shutting it down for two weeks, but hesitated because in its twelve and a half year history, I’ve never shut Respectful Insolence down for longer than a few days, and, to be honest, I fear the traffic hit a bit. On the other hand, maybe I shouldn’t give a rodent’s posterior if my traffic plummets; I’m sure it’ll recover. In any case, I’m certainly not going to be blogging regularly (if at all), although, me being me, I’d be surprised if I don’t produce at least one new post during travel time (blogging is a lovely way to pass the time on a plane or train, and there will be a plane and train trips to different destinations, plus a long transatlantic flight with many hours to kill). Also, I have at least one post in the hopper scheduled for later, and I have a very long flight ahead of me with a lot of time to kill during which I could knock off another post or two.

So what I’ll probably do is to post “reruns” most days and maybe the odd new post. (If I happen upon some major quackery action in Europe, who knows? I might not be able to resist.) If, as is likely, it turns out that I’m having such a good time that there’s no downtime and I’m getting tired of spending even a few minutes each day to pick out an old post to repost, I’ll stop doing reruns and let the blog lay fallow until after I return, hopefully refreshed and revitalized, ready to lay down some more Insolence. Tune in now and then to find out.

It feels really weird not to have a pager on my beltโ€”in a good way.