A little mid-vacation housekeeping…

So far, our vacation has been going quite well. We’ve hit two European cities, with today and tomorrow left where I am now and then on to the last one on Tuesday. Obviously, I haven’t been paying nearly as much attention to this blog (or political news out of the US) as I normally do. It has been lovely. I’ll be bummed out to have to go back to work on June 19.

Unfortunately, the remaining powers that be over at Sb seem to have done something to the blog. Search functions don’t always work right, and—I’m not sure about this—some of my posts from years ago appear to have disappeared (or to be no longer so easy to find using the usual methods). Using Google Advanced Search and searching on the scienceblogs.com domain helps, but sometimes even that fails. I’ll have to figure out what was done after I get back, although I might not be able to resist a quick e-mail before that.

More importantly, some new security feature has been added to this WordPress that sometimes locks out my iPhone from moderating comments. That means that often I can only moderate comments when I’m at our hotel. Please be patient. I do check them before I go to bed (usually) or after I get up, and, given how much the commenting volume has fallen during this blog hiatus, there usually aren’t more than a few comments that get hung up in the filters and need to be set free.

Also, there will be a post tomorrow (or Tuesday, depending on my mood and whether I want to tinker with what’s there). That is all. Off to our afternoon adventures! The newest existing posts are right below this one!