Post-NECSS thanks

As you can see, I don’t have a new post ready for today. I attribute that to having been so busy at NECSS over the weekend that, by the time my wife and I got back on Monday late afternoon, we were pretty much beat. So I decided to do the American thing and take July 4 completely off, which means no post today.

I’d like to thank the NECSS staff for managing to put together a fantastic conference under very trying conditions. There was a fire in the basement of the building where the hall where NECSS was scheduled to be held is located, which caused some smoke damage to the air conditioning units. The NYFD would not allow the hall to be used until the AC was inspected, cleaned, and, if necessary, repaired. This led to every event planner’s worst nightmare, and the NECSS planners came through brilliantly.

In any case, my talk was entitled Whither the antivaccine movement in the age of Trump. Whenever the video is available, I’ll provide a link. Perhaps I’ll do a post that summarizes my talk, although it might be a bit repetitive to regular readers here, because it was more a bringing together of disparate themes commonly discussed here into (what I hope) was a coherent story. And I’ll stop being lazy and produce more material tomorrow…