A little fan feedback

As you can see, there’s no new post for today. I think you’ll forgive me if you know the reason. Basically, back in March, there were a number of storms, and we lost power for several days, followed by its going on and off a couple of times before finally being restored for good. Even though I have a surge protector, my trusty iMac was never the same after that. It booted incredibly slowly and ran so slowly as to be virtually unusable. It crashed a lot. Over the next few months, I tried all sorts of things. You might ask why I didn’t simply try reformatting the hard drive and doing a clean install of the system software. The reason is that my 1.6 TB media library was on the hard drive, and my backup was incomplete. (It’s a long story; don’t ask.) Well, a while ago, I managed finally to get one complete usable backup done. i was going to finally reformat the hard drive when the machine started having multiple kernel panics. Finally, it wouldn’t boot at all. Given that the computer was five years old, I decided to simply replace it with a new iMac, which arrived over the weekend. Last night, for some reason, I was particularly interested in restoring the media library from backup. So I started doing it. Then I started reorganizing my media library and culling stuff that I didn’t need any more because I have access to it streaming or for whatever reason. Before I knew it, hours had passed, and I still had to do my nightly studying for my impending general surgery board recertification in December. So no post. At least, no 2,000+ word magnum opus of Insolence, at least not today.

I do, however, have this for your amusement:

It’s the audio of a phone message left at my office phone. The numbskull making it was too dumb even to block his Caller-ID, and reverse phone lookup means I know whose phone this clown called from. (It was a landline, and I even know the address.) Obviously, I won’t identify him (maybe his son or friend used his phone), other than to say that he called from an Iowa area code. Enjoy. (Warning: There is profanity, and I particularly like his “have a nice day” at the end.) I thought about calling my admirer back for the heck of it, but why bother? Here’s a hint to my haters: If you leave me an abusive voice mail message, next time I might actually post it with your name if I can figure it out.

And, yes, my iMac is sweet. It has a 27″ 5K screen and is screaming fast compared to my late, lamented five year old axe. It will be great for putting together presentations, and maybe I’ll even try doing some audio and video with it. Orac needs to branch out, after all. I’m still not fun tweaking it to exactly my specifications and liking, but setting up a brand new computer from scratch is one of my favorite things to do in life other than surgery, research, and blogging.