While a grant deadline distracts Orac, create your own Insolence! Open thread time!

Regular readers used to a daily helping of Insolence, both of the Respectful and not-so-Respectful variety, might have wondered where Orac’s been this week. After all, sharp readers might have recognized that Monday’s post was a retooled version of a post that recently appeared at his not-so-secret other blog. The answer is simple: Grant deadline Friday for the resubmission of my NIH R01. (Actually, the formal deadline is Monday, but I need to have this in at least a day or two before, because the grants office at the university has to upload everything. I’m actually cutting it close here.) So basically I’ve had no time to put together the pearls of Insolence you all love (or love to hate, if you’re a quack or quackery advocate).

Basically, I’ll be out until Monday, as I will need the weekend to recover from late nights, lots of caffeine, and higher levels of stress than usual even for a major grant deadline. Let’s just say that never in my career have I had so little done so close to the deadline. Fortunately, a 72 hour binge of massive rewriting and begging for letters of support to arrive on time has things almost together. I should have this thing done tonight.

So, while you’re waiting for this deadline to pass, I’ll do something I haven’t done in a very long time and haven’t done since I moved the blog over to this new platform. Yes, it’s open thread time. You can create your own Insolence. Just remember to abide by the comment policy.

Then join me back here on Monday.