A brief update: When will Orac return?

A week and a half ago, Orac announced in an update that a number of issues had conspired to lead him to take a blog break. In reality, he had a faulty part that needed repairing. So he found an excellent repair technician to fix the faulty part, after which he rebooted and is now currently doing a complete set of systems diagnostics. After all, it’s not as though Orac hasn’t appeared to malfunction before.

Although he is cranky and arrogant, Orac is also benevolent (mostly), which is why he has chosen to update his readers on his progress and announce the anticipated date of his return to full functionality. The systems diagnostics have been going well, with the repaired part slowly integrating into his programming and beginning to function properly. Orac now anticipates a return to full function on April 15. He thought about coming back sooner, given how many occurrences that cry out for his brand of Insolence that have occurred in the brief time that he’s been offline. However, Orac decided, for once in his existence, to be patient and wait for full functionality to return, rather than to push himself, as he did when this particular malfunction first began.

Maybe when Orac does return, he’ll stop speaking in computer metaphors about his procedure. Or maybe not. No promises. Some things are private, even for Orac. As for why there’s been a lot of activity on Twitter, well, Twitter works much better using a smartphone than WordPress does. Consider it part of the diagnostic testing, a test run of Orac’s skills post-repair. If you see Orac’s counterpart say that he’s going to try acupuncture to speed his return to full function, for instance, you’ll know more testing and tweaking are necessary.