2020: The charging of Orac’s Tarial cell continues…

So it’s 2020, finally.

The decade that was is no more, and the decade that is has just dawned. (And Orac is being as pretentious as you always knew he could be.) You might think that, given the dawn of the new decade and the close of the old, Orac would be eager to jump back into doing what he does best, dishing out Insolence, Respectful and not-so-Respectful. He is, to some extent, but he’s also found that there is value to chilling, to recharging the Tarial cells that facilitate his near-infinite ability to get under the skins of antivaxxers, cranks, and quacks, particularly when he’s in the early stages of putting a grant together and, as has always been the case around Christmas and New Years, traffic to the blog is down significantly anyway. Also, a new litter of puppies is coming on Saturday that will require my attention, the first one in a year, and two years since the first litter we fostered.

So he will continue to recharge a couple more days.

The current plan is for Orac to resume this blog on Monday; that is, unless some antivaxxer or quack does something somewhere that is so ridiculously egregious, so demanding of the sort of discussion that only Orac can provide, that he cannot restrain himself. This is definitely a risk, given that his Tarial cell is nearly charged.

In the meantime, enjoy the first few days of 2020. It’s going to be a rough ride. Orac plans on ramping up to regular blogging levels beginning Monday.