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Wheatgrass quack Brian Clement returns to the scene of the crime in Six Nations

Many are the cancer quacks—and just plain quacks—whom I have discussed over the years. Some of them, like Robert O. Young, have been truly horrendous, so bad that I’m left shaking my head and wondering how anyone can fall for their obvious misinformation and outright lies. For instance, Robert O Young claims that all cancer—not […]

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Finally, the State of Florida acts against Brian Clement and the Hippocrates Health Institute

Every so often, it’s good to post some heartening news regarding quackery. After all, after a decade of blogging about this, preceded by five years in the trenches of Usenet battling quackery and Holocaust denial, sometimes it’s hard for me not to become depressed. After all, there are times when it really does feel as […]

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Makayla Sault’s mother: Racism, trust, and science-based medicine

One of the recurring topics I write about is, of course, cancer quackery. It goes right back to the very beginning of this blog, to my very earliest posts more than 11 years ago. Over the years I’ve covered more cases than I can remember of patients relying on quackery instead of real medicine. In […]

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Brian Clement and the Hippocrates Health Institute: Cancer quackery on steroids

I think we’ve spent enough time on Bill Maher’s antivaccine posturing for now. There really isn’t much more to say for now. I’m sure he’ll probably dump some pseudoscientific nonsense about medicine on his show to provide me with more blogging material. Today, I’m moved to revisit a certain cancer quack whose offenses are threatening […]

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Amazon, Facebook, and other streaming and social media platforms are finally cracking down on antivaccine misinformation

Over the last two weeks, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms started to crackdown on the spread of antivaccine misinformation on their services. Will it be enough?