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It’s almost here, and it’s almost time! The 123rd Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle is fast approaching. This time around it will be here on Thursday, November 5. That means skeptical bloggers out there don’t have much time to get their best recent work to Colin at Blue Genes for inclusion. Guidelines for what we’re […]

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Best Halloween costume ever?

I’d say this is definitely a contender: ADDENDUM: Sorry, I just assumed everyone knew what these guys are. If you don’t, here are a couple of classic Sesame Street videos to demonstrate the Yip Yip Aliens in action:

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The anti-vaccine movement strikes back against Amy Wallace using misogyny

The little matter of finding out that the actor who played Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation appears to have anti-vaccine proclivities sidetracked me from something that I had actually wanted to blog about yesterday. Specifically, it’s something that my blog bud Abel Pharmboy has been hitting hard over the last couple of days. […]

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Data weeps: Does Brent Spiner have anti-vaccine proclivities?

Unfortunately, Brent Spiner is not living up to Commander Data’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. Say it ain’t so, Data! Say it ain’t so! Last night, I decided for the heck of it to check my Twitter account, something I only tend to do sporadically, although I do keep a constant stream of links to the […]

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Fight the intrusion of quackery and religious woo in health care reform

Not long ago, I wrote a post warning about how funding for non-science-based modalities and, indeed, modalities that are purely religion-based, have found their way into various versions of health care reform bills that are currently wending their way through both houses of Congress. In other words, purveyors of faith healing and purely religious woo […]