The 122nd Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle: A committee meeting

I really have to apologize to the Young Australian Skeptics. I screwed up. I didn’t do my duty as organizer of The Skeptics’ Circle. The Aussies provided a bang-up edition of the 122nd Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle, and I didn’t even promote it. So I’m promoting it now. Go. Read. Enjoy. Then join us […]

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Vaccination for H1N1 “swine” flu: Do The Atlantic, Shannon Brownlee, and Jeanne Lenzer matter?

I had meant to address this topic last week, but the whole Suzanne Somers thing bubbled up and overwhelmed my blogging attention. Regular readers of this blog probably realize that I tend to live and die as a blogger by the maxim that if some is good more must be better. So I clobbered the […]

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The Atlantic, “methodolatry,” and pandemic swine flu

I’d like to thank revere right now publicly. He’s taught me a new word: Methodolatry: The profane worship of the randomized clinical trial as the only valid method of investigation. Many of my readers have e-mailed me about a recent article in The Atlantic by Shannon Brownlee and Jeanne Lenzer, two reporters whose particular bias […]

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Mike Adams evaporates yet another of my irony meters, this time about Dr. Andrew Weil

Thank you, Mike Adams. You’ve saved my blogging posterior yet again. What do I mean? Well, I had originally intended to do a lucid, insightful, penetrating analysis of a scientific study today. However, when I got home last night after a hard day in clinic I was just too tired. So, faced with that, I […]

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One last brief comment about Suzanne Somers

Before I move on for a while from the topic of that faded 1970s comic actress, Suzanne Somers, whose latest book is a paean to cancer quackery and who has been carpetbombing the airwaves with burning napalm stupid, I think one revelation is worth a brief mention. Specifically, after my post about how I find […]