Oops I did it again! The 120th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle

Damn them Europeans and their being five or six hours ahead! They screw me up when it comes to plugging the Skeptics’ Circle. Oh, wait. This time around I’m a day late. Rats. My excuse doesn’t work. Never mind… In any case, longtime commenter at RI (who also has his own most excellent blog), Kristjan […]

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Jack’s Fourth Show: How anti-vaccine groups rebrand themselves as legitimate autism charities

There once was a time not so long ago–oh, say, four our five years–when the anti-vaccine fringe was looked upon as what it was: a fringe group, a bunch of quacks and quack advocates, all in essence one big conspiracy theory movement, in which vaccines are the One True Cause of Autism. At the time, […]

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A crazy mixed up kid comes up with a crazy mixed up conspiracy theory about a crazy mixed up blog collective, part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about Jake Crosby, the token college kid on the spectrum over at the happy home for wandering anti-vaccine zealots, Age of Autism. Specifically, I felt sorry for him because of his rather tortured bit of conspiracy mongering that postulated deep, dark connections between Adam Bly, the founder of Seed Media Group, the […]

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It’s baaaacck…

Hurt, but not defeated, the humongous giant clam…. Wait. Wrong story. Actually Science-Based Medicine is back. Finally. Go. Read. Enjoy. Particularly a bit about crank conferences.

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The price of anti-vaccine fanaticism, part 3

Jake’s hit pieces against Seed and me reminded me of something. They reminded me of just what it is that the anti-vaccine movement promotes, and the damage that I wish Jake would wake up and realize that the organization he has associated himself with causes a great deal of harm. Part of that harm derives […]