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Why I still have no Internet access, or why I really, really hate Comcast right now

I hate you, Comcast. I really do. My hatred of Comcast also explains the paucity of activity on this blog over the last few days. You see, over the weekend, I moved to a larger house, and I’ve had no Internet access other than Panera’s or Starbucks for the last three days. Before that, I […]

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Your Friday Dose of Woo: Happy Holidays!

Orac’s circuits have yet to recover from the assault on his logic circuits caused by the über-woo of a couple of weeks ago, coupled with the even more powerful woo two weeks before that. Consequently, in order to marshal additional time scour the Internet for only the finest woo to be featured in 2008, he […]

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Dumbest comment of the year from an antivaccinationist?

While I’m recharging a bit from the Christmas festivities yesterday to the point where soon I’ll be able to write a substantive post, full of the Respectful Insolence™ and science or medicine that readers have come to expect, here’s something to amuse (I hope). On Sunday, I wrote a not-so-respectfully insolent takedown of a truly […]

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Holiday Movable Type weirdness

We interrupt this post-holiday blogging slowdown for an important blog housekeeping message. Something weird happened to Respectful Insolence™ over the weekend before Christmas. Sunday, I was composing a little missive to autopost over the holidays. I went to the pulldown menu in Movable Type to assign a category to it and noticed something odd. There […]

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Oops, I did it again

It’s times like these that I wonder if I’ve been at this blogging thing a bit too long. I ask that question because I’ve done it again. I’ve done the same thing in 2007 that I did a year ago in 2006. I missed my own blogiversary. Yes, believe it or not, yesterday was the […]