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At the AACR

Blogging might be a little sketchy for the next couple of days, because I’m at the American Association for Cancer Research Meeting (AACR) in Chicago, all to to imbibe the latest and greatest in cancer research. I’m sure I’ll manage to get a post or two in while I’m here, but I doubt there will […]

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Another case of chemotherapy refusal for pediatric cancer

As sometimes happens, last week I let myself get tied up writing multiple posts about a single topic, namely the promotion of an antivaccine movie by a school board president in California, apparently as part of an attempt to influence California legislators who are considering a law that will make philosophical exemptions for school vaccine […]

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Fighting the “acid” of negative (e)motions?

If there’s one quack who both amuses and appalls me at the same time, it’s Robert O. Young. You remember Robert O. Young, don’t you? He’s the guy who thinks that all disease is caused by excess acid. I’ve written about him quite a few times over the last several years. For instance, he amused […]

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Another Burzynski patient dies

If there’s one thing that practitioners of dubious cancer therapies rely upon, it’s testimonials. If there’s one such practitioner who really, really relies on testimonials, it’s Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, founder of the Burzynski Clinic. Dr. Burzynski is known for what he refers to as “antineoplaston” therapy (which he massively oversells and is currently rebranding as […]

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Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski strikes again

I was originally going to write about an amazing article that appeared in the NEJM today, but then, as happens all too often, something more compelling caught my eye. Unfortunately, it’s compelling in exactly the wrong way. It’s infuriating and saddening, all at the same time. It’s also yet another example of how it’s so […]