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In which Orac inexplicably annoys his readers while he is on his way home

Sadly, the meeting’s over, and I’m winging my way back home as this very post shows up on the blog for your edification. Because it’s Sunday and, more importantly, because I’m too tired to produce anything substantive, I leave you with this bit of Asian weirdness sent to me by my sister. It left me […]

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Jenny McCarthy “absolutely loves” injecting toxins into her bloodstream

I realize I’m a bit late on this, but it’s hard not to take the antivaccine movement’s icon and apply her own misinformation about vaccines being “toxins” injected into the bloodstream against her. In fact, doing so is far more justified, given that last week she was quoted in an interview as singing paeans of […]

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So that’s what happened to that Dalek!

Damn, wouldn’t it have been cool to have been the guy who found this? A Dalek, lost from Doctor Who since the 1970s or 1980s: Workers were baffled how the Dr Who relic ended up there, but it may have been in the murky water for more than 30 years after being dumped during location […]

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“Why doctors hate science”? More like: Why does Sharon Begley hate doctors?

If there’s’ one theme, one cause, that this blog has emphasized throughout the four years of its existence and the three years of its having resided on ScienceBlogs, it’s been to champion science- and evidence-based medicine over pseudoscience and quackery. Whether it’s refuting the lies of antivaccine zealots, having a little fun with some of […]

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A David Bowie Saturday

Why? Because I feel like it. For example, there are times I’ve felt like this: Except that maybe I should sing a version called “I’m Afraid of Antivaccinationists.” Nahhh. Instead let’s go back. Way back: