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Are we fighting a losing battle over evolution in the U.S.?

Sometimes I have a hard time not concluding that we are.

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How much science matters to the average American?

Heard on the radio this morning, a commenter responding to a radio talk show host’s pointing out to him that Mike Huckabee doesn’t accept evolution as valid. This is as close as I can remember what he said, but the gist is correct: We disagree on that. But not believing in evolution is something I […]

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Michael Medved: Evolution scholar…

…apparently, that’s what the Discovery Institute thinks, as William Dembski proudly announces, for reasons that escape me: Michael Medved, nationally syndicated talk radio host and bestselling author, has joined the Discovery Institute in the role of senior fellow. The position cements a longstanding friendship and recognizes a commonality of values and projects across a spectrum […]

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Judgment day on intelligent design

Today’s the day, everyone. I haven’t mentioned this before, but the documentary on the trial over the teaching of “intelligent design” creationism in the classroom in Dover, Pennsylvania two years ago is set to premiere on your local PBS station tonight at 8 PM. The Nova documentary, Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial, already has […]

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Applying evolutionary principles to alternative medicine again

Yesterday, inspired by a post by fellow ScienceBlogger Martin, I had a little fun discussing the evolution of “alternative” medicine (a.k.a. “complementary and alternative medicine” or CAM), specifically speculating about the possible selective pressures, positive and negative, that have influenced the course that its evolution took. Essentially, the discussion centered around whether, by its very […]