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Take that, antivaxers! This is nearly the end…of 2017, that is—with puppies!

It’s the end of the year. So, before I take the rest of the year off, not to return until January 3, I thought I’d end on a happy note. What could be happier than puppies?

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Leaving on a jet plane…I do know when I’ll be back again

Orac finds it necessary and desirable to take a break to contemplate a black hole and recharge his Tarial cells. Here’s what will happen in his absence (not much).

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Tales from the Helicopter: A really crappy way to start the week

There’s a little known aspect of Orac’s history that hasn’t been told for 11 years. Back in the early 1990s, when he was taking a “break” from residency to do his PhD work, he moonlighted as a helicopter flight physician. Here is one of his Tales from the Helicopter.

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I do not think that study shows what you think it shows

Dr. Kelly Brogan teams up with Sayer Ji to try to analyze a study. Hilarity ensues as they both failed miserably.

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The consequences of blogging under one’s own name

Sadly, a crank has silenced another skeptic. Many of you may know EpiRen, which is the Twitter and blog handle (and sometimes commenting handle here) of René Najera. René is an epidemiologist employed by the state public health department of health of an East Coast state and has been a force for reality- and science-based […]