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An anti-ID initiative

I got this in my e-mail the other day that may be of interest to folks interested in countering the pseudoscience of “intelligent design” creationism:

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The Skeptics Circle turns 40 (sort of)

Today, the Skeptics’ Circle turns 40. Well, not exactly, but it is the 40th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle, and this time around it’s being held at Daylight Atheism. Once again, it’s time for an antidote for the rampant credulity in the blogosphere, where dubious stories travel around the world far faster than skeptics can […]

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Your Friday Dose of Woo: Would you like a liver flush with that colon cleanse?

I have to apologize for last week’s Dose of Woo. No, I’m not apologizing for the subject matter (the obsession that reigns supreme among some alties with “cleansing” one’s colon to “purge toxins” and achieve the super-regularity of several bowel movements a day). Rather, I’m sorry I didn’t point out just how disgusting one of […]

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Creationists muscling in on my territory

Alright, now they’ve gone too far. I thought I’d seen every specious and fallacious argument and example that creationists could throw out there to annoy scientists and be gobbled up by the credulous, but I was wrong. They’re muscling in on my turf now! No, they’re not making fallacious arguments about how chemotherapy resistance says […]

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Welcome Prometheus back

He had been away a while. In fact, he had been away so long (since early May) that I was starting to wonder if he had given up blogging, which would have been a blow, given that he’s one of my favorite skeptical bloggers. Fortunately, my fears were premature, and he’s back, with part 2 […]