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There’s a disturbance in the Force. Well, in the Dark Side of the Force, as in the Quack Side of Medicine. Basically, there’s a rumble in the quackosphere that reached me through three different quack mailing lists that I’m on for the purpose of gathering material for blogging, including–you guessed it–the mailing list of that […]

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A well-deserved honor is bestowed

Congratulations are in order. Earlier this week, someone whom I admire has received a well-deserved honor: The IOM announced the names of 65 new members and five foreign associates today in conjunction with its 41st annual meeting. Election to the IOM is considered one of the highest honors in the fields of health and medicine […]

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The nonsense that is “Vaccine Injury Awareness Month”

Normally, these days I greet the month of October with a mixture of anticipation and dread. The anticipation stems from October’s position as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Now that somehow I’ve managed to have a variety of responsibilities with respect to how breast cancer is managed at our cancer institute, suddenly I find that I’m […]

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Alternative medicine: The illusion of control

We humans like control. Actually, we need to feel as though we are in control. Perhaps that’s why, when we aren’t in control–can’t be in control, for whatever reason–we instinctively seek ways of being more in control, or at least of feeling as though we are in control. I’ve often wondered if providing the illusion […]

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Nicholas Gonzalez on Steve Jobs: If only he had come to see me…

I debated a while about whether I should take this particular post on. It’s not because there isn’t a lot of fodder there deserving of that special form of not-so-Respectful Insolence that only Orac, in his usual inimitable fashion, can provide. There most definitely is. The problem, as is sometimes the case when I get […]