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An embarrassing paean to reiki in The Atlantic

For some inexplicable reason, The Atlantic published an embarrassing paean to the mystical magical woo that is reiki.

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The latest attempt by the antivaccine movement to use religion to oppose school vaccine mandates

Antivaxxers frequently claim that their objection to vaccines is based on their religion. Another attempt to frame opposition to school vaccine mandates as religious freedoms is making the rounds.

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The annals of “I’m not antivaccine,” part 28: New York S2994 and the disappeared

In response to measles outbreaks among the Orthodox Jewish communities in Brooklyn and Rockland County, New York passed S2994, eliminating nonmedical exemptions to school vaccine mandates. This provoked a lawsuit and an offensive analogy that actually didn’t involve the Holocaust. So much for the protesters not being antivaccine.

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Why is the Church of Scientology helping antivaxers in a last ditch attempt to block passage of SB 276?

California SB 276, a bill to clamp down on bogus medical exemptions to school vaccine mandates, is nearing the finish line and looks likely to be passed into law soon. Why are Scientologists helping antivaxers in a last ditch effort to block its passage?

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Richard Dawkins’ painfully simplistic take on measles among Orthodox Jews: “Religion poisons everything.”

Richard Dawkins saw the measles outbreaks among the Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn and Rockland County, and Tweeted, “Religion poisons everything.” Unfortunately for him, it’s way more complicated than that.