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In “tribute” to a commenter…all you ever needed to know about Climategate

Dedicated to a certain commenter who thinks I’m an “eco-fascist” because I criticized Ann Coulter for abusing physics and biology for claiming that “radiation is good for you,” I present a video that succinctly describes everything you need to know about the “Climategate” affair: I posted it on my Facebook profile, too, and already a […]

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Your Friday Dose of Woo: Eat the sun?

With the utter ridiculousness of the arguments laid down by Dr. Oz when Steve Novella appeared on his show and the even more ridiculous silliness of J.B. Handley thinking that Matt Carey, a.k.a. Sullivan, is really Bonnie Offit, I had originally thought that I should find some peer-reviewed scientific article today to do a sober, […]

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Releasing his long form birth certificate: Obama caving to the birthers or putting the conspiracy theory to rest?

Among the most bizarre and risible conspiracy theories currently going around, rising to the top (or near the top) has to be notion that President Obama was not actually born in the United States and therefore is not a U.S. citizen and not eligible to be President of the United States. Indeed, ever since the […]

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An emergency room in 2030

I’ve frequently lamented what might happen if the current trend towards quackademic medicine continues unabated, and quackery is fully “integrated” with science-based medicine. First, there was homeopathic e.r. Then, Mitchell and Webb brought us the British version, namely Homeopathic A&E. What I didn’t realize is that predating both of these was…Holistic E.R. (Embedding disabled, unfortunately.) […]

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Storm: The Movie

The animated short movie version of Tim Minchin’s fantastic nine minute beat poem Storm is finally available. Watch. Learn. Enjoy.