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Fearing the beast’s return

Leave it to Dr. Charles to remind me of something that happened recently, albeit in a bit of a roundabout way. It’s something I would rather have forgotten, but, when you dedicate your life to battling the beast that cancer, it is something that is inevitable and something a doctor has to learn to deal […]

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I hang my head in shame for my profession

Damn you, PZ! I know I spent three whole posts discussing the problem of credulity towards creationism among physicians. I spent a lot of time in those posts explaining potential reasons why physicians might be susceptible to the blandishments of creationists and even used the example of a medical student who is a proud young […]


Here’s one foreign object story I’ve never heard before

One thing surgeons sometimes have to deal with is foreign objects placed in various orifices. As a general surgeon, I’ve seen various objects swallowed or placed in the rectum or nose. But I’ve never seen a case like this one described by RangelMD: The other day the topic came up (don’t ask how) about cases […]

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The glamor of surgery (Part 1 of an occasional series)

Nonmedical people always seem to have a conception of surgery as being a particularly glamorous profession. So did I to some extent before I entered medical school, although my surgical rotations quickly disabused me of that impression. Somehow, working from 5 AM to 11 PM every day and several hours each day on the weekends, […]

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Angst in my pants*: Academic surgeons lament their lot

*With apologies to Sparks. You’d think that a meeting of surgeons in such a beautiful and sunny city as San Diego would be one big party. Well, it was to some extent outside of the meeting, but the meeting itself was a bit of a drag. Academic surgeons are not a happy lot these days, […]

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