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Naturopathy invades the heartland

Many are the times I’ve referred to homeopathy as The One Quackery To Rule Them All. Because homeopathic remedies diluted greater than 12 C (12 serial hundred-fold dilutions) have been diluted more than Avagadro’s number, they are incredibly unlikely to have even a single molecule of starting compound in them. That makes them water. Given […]

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Dr. Lazar Greenfield digs himself in deeper

I should have popped up some popcorn. I had a feeling this was coming, but who knew it would be so entertaining when it finally happened? On Tuesday, I wrote about how famed vascular surgeon Dr. Lazar Greenfield had written a bizarre, sexist attempt at Valentines Day humor in which he implied that evolutionary biology […]

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Prayer, surgery, and separating doctoring from dogma

Over the years, I’ve learned that a lot of surgeons are very religious. Actually, a lot of doctors are quite religious. Indeed, long ago in the history of this blog, back when I used to write about evolution a lot more than I do these days, I’ve pointed out that at least as many physicians […]

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Cluelessness and sexism embarrass the American College of Surgeons

I’d like to thank Buckeye Surgeon for reminding me of something I had seen and wanted to blog about but totally forgot about. Maybe it was so forgettable that I should just skip it, but as a surgeon I actually don’t think so. Basically, it’s a story of a surgeon making a fool of himself. […]

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Snow White and the Seven Surgeons

Just so you know, I claim the title of Mopey. Either that, or Sleepy, even though I’m not a trauma surgeon or OB/GYN.