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Hey, it worked for Hitler

Immigration has been on a lot of people’s minds lately with the nomination of Donald Trump for President by the Republican Party. In that spirit, I’ve resurrected a ten year old post that shows just how old and horrible Trump’s promise to deport 11-12 million immigrants in this country illegally—also, just how ridiculously impractical it would be and how much it would require an authoritarian state.

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April 30: In commemoration of Führerstodestag

Today is Führerstodestag or “Death of the Führer Day,” I join my friend Andrew in wishing Holocaust deniers out there a very happy Führerstodestag! If there is indeed a hell, Adolf Hitler must surely be rotting in it. In commemoration of Führerstodestag, I’m resurrecting a blast from the past, my post about this topic from […]

World War II

I didn’t think this was still happening…

A Japanese soldier not seen since World War II has been found alive in the Ukraine: TOKYO (AP) – A former Japanese soldier last seen by his family when he went off to fight in the Second World War has surfaced in Ukraine and is returning to Japan to see his relatives after 60 years, […]

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Mrs. Hitler and her doctor

In 1907, Adolf Hitler’s mother Klara died of breast cancer at age 47, when Hitler was only 18. The young Hitler was devastated by her death. Indeed, in Mein Kampf, Hitler described her death thusly: These were the happiest days of my life and seemed to me almost a dream; and a mere dream it […]

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Austria’s President admits that Austria welcomed the Nazis

For the first time ever, a head of state of Austria has admitted that a large proportion of Austrian citizens openly welcomed the Nazis when Hitler annexed Austria: The president of Austria has become the country’s first head of state to admit that a large number of its citizens welcomed Adolf Hitler with open arms […]