Policy on comments

This blog‘s policy on comments is simple. Moderation is very light, and Orac relies on his community of blog commenters to regulate themselves (mostly). Even so, try to be reasonably civil, but also realize that discussions sometimes get rather heated and try not to take it personally when they do. That being said, there are certain behaviors that even as mellow a moderator as Orac will not tolerate. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Sock puppeting (commenting under more than one name or pseudonym). This is one of the only offenses that, when detected, will always result in immediate banning with extreme prejudice.
  • Harassment, hate speech, or threats of violence. Depending on the severity, these will almost always result in a permanent ban, and, again, Orac is sole arbiter over what sorts of commenting and behavior fall under these categories. However, such speech is almost always already pretty obvious. Threats that are perceived as credible will be reported to the authorities, along with relevant e-mail and IP addresses from the log.
  • Excessive insults or nastiness. Be aware that Orac is the final arbiter of what constitutes “excessive.” Basically, if you start to get on Orac’s nerves, that is enough justification for him to take some action.
  • Flooding a comment thread. Once again, Orac is the final arbiter of what constitutes “excessive.” Basically, if you start to get on Orac’s nerves, that is enough justification for him to take some action. An extreme example is if your comments outnumber the comments of all the other commenters on a thread combined in a thread with more than 25 comments or so. However, action would likely be taken before a thread gets to this point, because Orac is no longer as patient as he used to be with obsessives and trolls.
  • Comments that are nothing but grammar or spelling flames. These won’t get you banned unless you make a habit of them, but they will be deleted with extreme prejudice the moment Orac sees them. You try typing up 2,000+ word pearls of Insolence 3-5 times a week without the occasional (or not-so-occasional) typo, cut and paste error, or grammar flub. Orac fixes such errors as he finds them, but deletes grammar and spelling flames immediately because he believes that such comments contribute nothing of value to the discussion.

Basically, any commenting behavior that gets on Orac’s cybernetic nerves enough will run the risk of his taking some sort of action to stop it, because Orac does not like commenters who get on his nerves or too much on the nerves of regular commenters who’ve been following the blog for years. This is his hobby, something he does for enjoyment, and anything that lessens that enjoyment too much or eliminates it, even briefly, might result in his taking action. That action can range from what is sometimes called “automoderation,” where a commenter’s comments always go to moderation but are (usually) approved after a few hour wait, to an outright ban. Both can be temporary or permanent, at Orac’s discretion.

Remember, this blog is not a democracy. It is a (mostly) benign dictatorship that has functioned well since December 2004. Also remember that it actually usually takes quite a bit to provoke Orac to take action against a commenter. Don’t like how things are run around here? Start your own blog!

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