Contact information & email policy

Orac can be reached at [email protected]

Note that Orac receives a lot of e-mail. He reads every single e-mail, but the sheer volume of e-mail that he receives precludes answering everyone. So don’t be offended if he doesn’t respond.

Any e-mail sent to Orac is fair game for publication on Respectful Insolence. If you ask for your e-mail not to be published, Orac will very likely honor your request. However, there are exceptions. Those exceptions, of course, are: (1) if your email is abusive and/or insulting, or (2) if you threaten legal action. In those cases, Orac has no compunction whatsoever about publishing your e-mail. If you threaten to sue Orac or to contact his workplace to complain about his extracurricular activities (blogging) that have nothing to do with his job, he might even consider it his First Amendment duty to publish your e-mail for all to enjoy.

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