Teenage graffiti as cave art

I’ve always had an interest in archaeology. Indeed, one of the elective courses that I most enjoyed in college was a prehistoric archaeology course. All of this shows why the following interests me. Through a scientific analysis of ancient cave art, it’s been found that human nature hasn’t changed much in 35,000 years: Many art […]


Alright, who’s responsible?

Alright, everyone, who’s responsible? Someone out there must have done it. Someone out there must have nominated me for a Koufax Award for Best Overall Writing by a Lefty Blogger? (True, it’s my old blog that’s listed, but I am listed!) Come on. ‘Fess up. It’s not that I’m not honored that someone would consider […]


Orac knows medicine and surgery

In a continuing series of posts, for the benefit of new readers (and a trip down memory lane for old readers), I now present: Wearing two hats (and part 2) What is a surgical oncologist? The deadly power of denial: Personal observations Also see Part 2: It’s not always denial; Part 3: Fear; and Part […]


Ohio rejects intelligent design

As someone who lived in Cleveland for 8 years and whose wife grew up in Toledo, it does my heart good to see that the Ohio Board of Education finally got something right. They voted to strike language in their state science standards singling out evolution for a “critical evaluation: COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 14 — […]

Science fiction/fantasy Television

G’Kar is dead

Sad news on the Babylon 5 front. Andreas Katsulas died on February 13 of lung cancer at the age of 59. Besides playing the One-Armed Man in the movie The Fugitive and making frequent appearances on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Katsulas was best known for playing the Narn Ambassador G’Kar on what was, in […]