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Tom and Jerry: A nefarious Jewish plot

You can’t make stuff like this up. You really can’t. Did you know that Tom and Jerry are in reality a clever secret nefarious plot by the Jews? That’s what Professor Hassan Bolkhari, who teaches philosophy of art at Tabatabaei and Al-Zahra Universities in Iran and is a member of the Film Council of the […]


Anger management

Here’s a guy who really could use some anger management training, clearly the roomate from hell.

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On a lighter note…

Those who’ve been regulars here for a while know that on Fridays and the weekends, I often (although not always) like to take a lighter approach with my posts and links. In that vein, I bring you a vision of what’s become of Michael Jackson…

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Impressive science failing to impress patients

One of the greatest challenges in medicine can sometimes be to convince a patient that the results of scientific and medical research apply to them, or, at the very least, to explain how such results apply. A couple of days ago, in an article the New York Times, Dr. Abigail Zuker, proposed one reason why […]

Holocaust denial

Orac gets fan mail

Here’s a comment that popped up in my moderation queue for an article I wrote on the old blog several months ago: The Holocaust is a huge money maker for Jews; one they do not wish to lose. Irving’s and Zundel’s struggle in our time is analogous to Galileo’s struggle with discovery that threatened the […]