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A little pareidolia, anyone?

Ya gotta love it. Whether it be the Virgin Mary under a freeway overpass on W. Fullerton Avenue in Chicago or on a window in Perth Amboy, NJ, or the face of Jesus on a shell, on the wall of a shower, on a sand dune, a potato chip, or (my personal favorite) a pierogi, […]

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Somebody please tell me this is a joke

Sent via e-mail: Paris Hilton prepares for Mother Theresa role. I almost choked on my ice tea when I read that. Please tell me this is a sick joke. It sure sounds like one, and certainly the source doesn’t look particularly reliable. Even so… (OK, OK, I know. Enough with the fluff. I’ll start posting […]


Let’s make this Skeptics’ Circle…huge!

Time really flies, doesn’t it? In fact, the next meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle will soon be upon us this Thursday. I’m anticipating that it will be…huge, as it’s being hosted by none other than The Huge Entity. The Huge One has placed his contact information and submission guidelines here. More general submission guidelines, plus […]


How long before they make an inspirational movie out of this story?

An autistic teen named Jason McElwain made the most of his chance to shine. How long before this is a movie of the week or even a feature film?

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Guess I’m not the new kid on the block anymore…

Well, that didn’t last long, did it? I’ve only been on ScienceBlogs for less that two weeks, and already I’m no longer the new kid on the block. Nope, that honor now goes to William Connolley. Welcome Stoat to the Borg–I mean ScienceBlogs–collective. It looks as though he isn’t integrated into the main ScienceBlogs page […]