Ohio rejects intelligent design

As someone who lived in Cleveland for 8 years and whose wife grew up in Toledo, it does my heart good to see that the Ohio Board of Education finally got something right. They voted to strike language in their state science standards singling out evolution for a “critical evaluation: COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 14 — […]

Science fiction/fantasy Television

G’Kar is dead

Sad news on the Babylon 5 front. Andreas Katsulas died on February 13 of lung cancer at the age of 59. Besides playing the One-Armed Man in the movie The Fugitive and making frequent appearances on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Katsulas was best known for playing the Narn Ambassador G’Kar on what was, in […]

Holocaust denial

An interesting take on the use of Holocaust denial in response to the Danish cartoons

As anyone who read my old blog knows, I have some very strong views on free speech, viewing it as the single most important basis of a free society. It is therefore not surprising that I recently commented on the Danish cartoon imbroglio, in which fundamentalist Muslims, outrage stoked by their Imams and by Muslim […]

Blog housekeeping

Blogging Alzheimer’s

How annoying. I had the perfect dubious medical test that I had wanted to write about from a skeptical viewpoint. It was a test that looked at many different blood tests and biomarkers and claimed to be far more sensitive at detecting cancer and a wide variety of diseases. It was obvious to me that […]


Orac disembodied, day 3

Nope, Respectful Insolence is still not integrated into the main ScienceBlogs page or into its aggregated feed. Patience, Orac-philes. It probably won’t be until next week now; so please keep this blog bookmarked, or, if you use an RSS feed aggegator, don’t rely on the aggregated ScienceBlogs feed to catch your daily helping of Respectful […]