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Pulling reflexology out of one’s nether regions

I can’t think of a better way to start year seven on the ol’ blog. Remember how I speculated that perhaps Age of Autism or would provide me with the first topic of my next year of blogging? It turns out that I was wrong. It didn’t come from either of those sources, although […]

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I’m off to Chicago, where the woo doth flow

Surgeons, especially general surgeons, know that the middle of October is an important time of year. One thing that hospitals notice is that the surgery schedule in the O.R. often slows down considerably for several days. If you’re the junior surgeon or otherwise the low man on the totem pole, you suddenly find that it’s […]

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Five years

Has it really been that long? It was a dismally overcast Saturday five years ago when, on a whim after having read a TIME Magazine article about how 2004 was supposedly the Year of the Blogger, I sat down in front of my computer, found Blogspot, and the first incarnation of Respectful Insolence was born. […]

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Be afraid, be very afraid…

…EneMan thinks he’s “too sexy”: Unfortunately, someone else is claiming EneMan as her mascot: We can’t have that. Remember, EneMan has been this blogs mascot since December 2004. Maybe he’s getting restless because he hasn’t been featured very often the last couple of years. I wonder if I should remedy that…

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The joy of Christmas, take 4: Scared for Santa

Continued from Christmas last year… Well, if I were Santa, I’d be scared too if this guy sat on my lap: You didn’t think Christmas could pass without our old friend making an appearance, did you? Yes, our blog mascot can be a bit scary at times to those who have not met him before, […]