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They’re coming out of the woodwork

Thanks to having been up all night Thursday night and most of the night a couple of days before that working on a grant, I know I haven’t had a chance to write about the GMC’s ruling on Andrew Wakefield’s unethical conduct in conducting his “clinical research” that according to him linked the MMR vaccine […]

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Your Friday Dose of Woo: No planes no brains

I’ve sort of alluded to it, but grant fever took over the last couple of days as the deadline approaches. Unfortunately, it happened right around the time when the GMC ruling on Andrew Wakefield came down and came down hard on him and his unethical behavior. Oh, well, as they say, it looks like I […]

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My theme song these days…

…is, sadly, this: Boomtown Rats – Up All Nightby epb21 It’s times like these that my surgical residency training comes in handy. Yep. As I’ve alluded to, it’s been grant time, and this was my night. But the R01 is finished. I’ll have my lab people go over it one last time for errors and […]

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Hitler doesn’t like the iPad

You knew it was coming. You knew from many previous incidents that it was inevitable: Who knew Hitler was such a Mac geek? Personally, although I think the iPad looks like a really cool device, I’m really not sure where it would fit into my life. I already have an iPhone, which I love, and […]


The 129th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle has arrived

Faster than a blink of an eye (well, not really, but it sure seems that way sometimes) another fortnight has flown by, meaning that it’s time yet again for another meeting of that venerable blog carnival of critical thinking, the Skeptics’ Circle. This time around, we have our first ever veterinarian hosting. I could make […]