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When Santa met Jack Bauer

It’s Christmas, and I hope that those of you who celebrate the day are having a merry one. Personally, I’m taking the day off from any substantive blogging, instead electing to post quickie holiday-themed stuff that amuses me. Still, it might not be so merry if everyone’s favorite elf happened to have met the wrong […]


Santa Claus a fascist? Say it ain’t so!

With Santa beginning his journey through the world to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls, someone sent me a profoundly disturbing video: I knew it! I knew it! Santa gives away things; so he must be a liberal. But if you listen to Jonah Goldberg, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh, you know […]

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When celebrities promote pseudoscience and quackery…

If there’s one thing that’s irritated the crap out of me ever since I entered the medical field, it’s celebrities with more fame than brains or sense touting various health remedies. Of late, three such celebrities have spread more misinformation and quackery than the rest of the second tier combined. Truly, together, they are the […]

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Mercola sells the delusion of homeopathy

It’s a really tough competition, but if I had to choose the most ridiculous form of quackery out there, I’d have to choose homeopathy. Although it’s common for so-called “alternative” medicines to be so utterly implausible from a scientific standpoint that it is not unreasonable, barring very compelling positive evidence, to provisionally reject them as […]

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What researchers really mean

Ha! So true, although in academia we aren’t so much concerned with getting products into consumers’ hands; so the exact times may be different: Via xkcd, of course!