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Ask Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins some questions at the AAI Conference this weekend!

I promised last week in a post in which I described Bill Maher’s latest pro-quackery remarks (this time, supporting cancer quackery), today is the day that I’m going to ask you, my readers, for some help. As I complained a while back, Bill Maher, who is anything but a rationalist or a booster of science […]

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Even more quackery at–where else?–The Huffington Post

Khhaaaaaannnn! I mean, Arriiiaaaaannaaa! Ever since its very inception, I’ve been–shall we say?–less than enthusiastic about the Huffington Post’s medical blogging. Indeed, the level of anti-vaccine rhetoric there from the very beginning, back in 2005, astounded me. If anything, HuffPo’s record has gotten even worse over the last four years, be it Deepak Chopra, or, […]

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More Maher idiocy about vaccines

I didn’t know that Bill Maher used Twitter, but I do now: The original Tweet is here. Gee, given their similar comments about flu shots being “for idiots,” you don’t think that Bill Maher and Doug Bremner are the same person, do you? Maybe they were separated at birth! In any case, perhaps we should […]

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Are you ready for the…ultimate praying championship?

Sadly, this is not too far from how religious disputes seem to be settled. The only difference is that there’s less violence here than there is in real life: Hmmm. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if religious conflicts could be resolved by an Ultimate Praying Challenger, rather than the usual way. As […]


Oops I did it again! The 120th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle

Damn them Europeans and their being five or six hours ahead! They screw me up when it comes to plugging the Skeptics’ Circle. Oh, wait. This time around I’m a day late. Rats. My excuse doesn’t work. Never mind… In any case, longtime commenter at RI (who also has his own most excellent blog), Kristjan […]