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“Genetically modified” vaccines and GMOs: Sapping and impurifying all our precious bodily fluids?

About a week ago, I wrote one of my usual meandering posts in which I pointed out the similarities between two different anti-science movements. On the one hand, there are anti-vaccinationists, who fetishize the naturalistic fallacy (i.e., the belief that anything “natural” is better and that anything human made or altered by science is dangerous) […]

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How “they” view “us” (2014 edition)

A week ago or so, I was perusing my Google Alerts, along with various blogs and news websites, looking for something to blog about, when I noticed a disturbance in the pseudoscience Force. It’s a phenomenon I’ve noticed many times before from a wide variety of cranks and quacks, but it all boils down to […]

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More hilariously off-base genetics denialism

Things have been a bit too serious around here lately. After all, yesterday I wrote about obesity and chemotherapy, while the day before that I did an even lengthier than usual deconstruction of some claims by anti-Obamacare activists, which seemed particularly appropriate to me given that a group of wingnuts has just succeeded in mostly […]

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A board certification in "integrating" quackery and pseudoscience with real medicine

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly two years since I first noticed that a board certification in quackery was in the works and appeared to be nearly ready to go. I’m referring, of course, to Andrew Weil’s effort to create a board certification in so-called “integrative medicine,” better known to those of us […]

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Jenny McCarthy: ABC hires antivaccine “View”

Sometimes, as I sit down to write a blog post, I have no idea what I’m going to write about at first. Fortunately, it’s rare that I truly have zero idea what I’m going to write about. Usually, there are options, and I don’t know which one I’m going to pick. Sometimes, however, something happens […]