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An embarrassing critique of “The Enemies of Reason”

A couple of weeks ago, before I went on vacation, the BBC aired a two-part documentary by Richard Dawkins entitled The Enemies of Reason. Part One dealt primarily with the paranormal and various New Age phenomena, while Part Two, which aired mere days before my London trip, dealt squarely with alternative medicine in an uncompromising […]

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Your Friday Dose of Woo: More than just an herbalist

Earlier this week, I deconstructed a truly inane article on Mike Adams NewsTarget website espousing dangerous cancer quackery, with claims that herbal concoctions alone could “naturally heal” cancer. Such a claim wouldn’t have attracted bringing the hammer of Respectful Insolence™ down if there had been some actual evidence presented that this healer could do what […]

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The “wisdom” of cancer cells?

I was perusing my newsfeeds last night looking for topics for Your Friday Dose of Woo this week when I came across what, initially at least, I considered to be primo material for my weekly bit of fun at the expense of the more far out excursions into woo. Then I thought about it some […]

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S.C.A.M., Skeptics, and Chickens

I love a good fisking, and James over at Autism Street has administered a real blog slapdown to a really idiotic article defending “natural medicine.” He rightly points out the jaw-droppingly obvious straw men and appeals to other ways of knowing that Mike Adams uses in the article. But don’t take just my word for […]

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Some questions for those who decry the decision in the Abraham Cherrix case

Not surprisingly, since the court decided that Abraham Cherrix, a Virginia teen who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease at age 15, underwent chemotherapy, relapsed, and then refused to undergo any further chemotherapy, opting instead for an “alternative medicine” treatment known as the Hoxsey treatment, to be administered at the Biomedical Center in Tijuana, the blogosphere […]