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The Enemies of Reason, part 2: The Irrational Health Service (with a review)

Thanks to Blake, I now have The Enemies of Reason, Part 2: My review of this episode is below the fold. I managed to BitTorrent the episode and watch it on my laptop on my flight back from Chicago last night. If you don’t want to be influenced by my opinion before watching, watch the […]

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The Autism Omnibus: The difference between real scientists and crank scientists

The Autism Omnibus trial continued last week, which was devoted primarily to the government’s case. Consequently, there were a variety of real experts, as opposed to the pseudoexperts called by the prosecution last week. With only the occasional hiccup, they are taking serious bites out of the plaintiff’s case, as documented on a near daily […]

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Remind me never to get on Brian Deer’s bad side

Before I move on to other topics, I can’t resist one last comment about the corrupt and sleazy Andrew Wakefield, the man who, with the help of heaping piles of cash from lawyers, almost singlehandedly produced a scare over the possibility that the MMR vaccine causes autism so large that vaccination rates in the U.K. […]

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Surprise, surprise! Andrew Wakefield was paid by lawyers to undermine the MMR vaccine

This should come as no surprise. Thanks to Brian Deer, the journalist who uncovered so much of Dr. Andew Wakefield’s shady research and dealings, we now know that Wakefield was paid by lawyers before his infamous MMR study and that he failed to disclose this clear conflict of interest: ANDREW WAKEFIELD, the former surgeon whose […]

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While we’re on the topic of autism and vaccines: Andrew Wakefield is facing charges for unprofessional conduct

When it rains it pours, eh? While I happen to be on the topic of vaccines and autism again today, here’s a surprising story: Andrew Wakefield, the doctor behind the scare over a potential link between the MMR jab and autism in children, is to face four charges relating to unprofessional conduct at the General […]